Valeria Vallone


Choreographer, Dramaturg, Director and Dancer

Born in Formia (Latina) in Italy, On April 27th, 1979

+39 3282123291

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Valeria is an independent Italian Choreographer, Dramaturg, Director and Dancer.

She dedicates her artistic path to the experimentation of Dance Theatre, Physical Theatre and Contemporary Dance. She focuses on the use of many languages using the Wagneresque concept “GESAMTKUNSTWERK” in her works of art, in which coreutica, dramaturgy, music, figurative-video art and scenography merge to create a perfect synthesis in the harmony of the “sense”.

As a “Choreographer of the emotions”, Valeria creates her avant-garde eclectic art idea by deeply investigating human nature. She describes intimate themes but also social engagement, and dares to take her performances to unconventional environments such as schools, hospitals, museums and urban areas. She works with both professionial and non-professional artists of every age and also with disabile artists.

Valeria loves playing with impressive, three-dimensional scenographies that are often built and altered on stage by the artists during the performance. These are “scenographic coreographies” where a big net becames a house, then a ship, etc. She often uses high-tech supports to create the effect of actual water, snow or wind on the stage.

Being costantly involved in the social sector, she is called to represent the universal language of dance within important events and awareness campaigns such as Children’s Rights of the, Violence against Women, Bullying, Scientific Research on Cancer and Childhood Diabetes.

These events have been organized with the collaboration and moral patronage of local, national and international Institutions and Bodies (including UNESCO, Lazio Regional Council, Municipality of Latina, Postal Police, LILT, primary and secondary Schools of first degree) and Associations of Volunteering (including  ANDOS, NOB, etc ..).

Among various projects in 2016 he signed her piece de resistance “I SPIT ON CANCER“. This is a short film and Theatre Show of the same name which raised funds for Cancer Research, and was the winner of prestigious prizes and awards, the title of which shows its clear, transparent, sincere and personal Concept.


In search of new original artistic forms, Valeria “merges” the Dance Theatre with other visual languages, including the Musical, which she defines as her second soul, giving rise to innovative productions, such as the short film “LES MIS” DANZA & MUSICAL, made in the midst of the pandemic and awarded at the INTERNATIONAL PARMA FILM FESTIVAL 2021, where the cinematographic language is the glue to the various arts.

Founder and Artistic and Executive Director of the “VALERIA VALLONE DANCE COMPANY”, Contemporary Dance and Dance Theatre Company; General and Artistic Director, Choreographer and teacher of Contemporary Dance and Dance Theatre of “L’ANFITEATRO ACADEMY” of Latina (Italy), School of dance, singing, music and acting that hosts numerous International Art Residencies (including NOHA DANCE COMPANY, NIPAI); FID (Italian Dance Federation, with legal recognition by the Italian State and UNESCO) Examiner Teacher of Contemporary Dance and Theater Dance since 2009; Graduated in ARTS, specializing in ARTS AND SCIENCES of Entertainment at UNIVERSITA’ LA SAPIENZA DI ROMA. She trained as a Dancer at the School of the TEATRO DELL’OPERA DI ROMA, and at the age of 17 she became Prima Ballerina of the GRUPPOMAGNETIKA of Sonia Nifosi (now SONIA NIFOSI MOTION DANCE GROUP) dancing for 15 years in more than 20 productions of Contemporary Dance and Neoclassical.

She furthered her Contemporary Dance studies with Lydia Bastinade, Meng-ke Wu, Spencer Dickhaus, Marne Vam Opstal, at NDT (NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER), Netherlands; studied with Mats Ek, Susanne Linke, Ana Laguna and Dominique Mercy; with T. Dakine for the GRAHAM TECHNIQUE methodology at DAMS in Bologna; explored the study on PHYSICAL THEATRE from Stanislavskij to Mejerchol’d obtaining the certification at IUGTE (INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY for “GLOBAL THEATER EXPERIENCE”) in Libnitz (Austria) and beginning to teach CONTEMPORARY DANCE within this institution; she also studied with Pau Aran Gimeno, Damiano Ottavo Bigi, Franko Schmidt, Lutz Forster, George Puerta Armenta, Jo Ann Endicott (Advanced Course In Choreography at Pina Bausch’s TANZTHEATER WUPPERTAL).

  • In 2022 she created “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?”, a show of Contemporary Dance and Dance Theatre born from a surreal reflection around and within the subconscious; a stylistic research work on the notes of BJORK, which focused on the current moment of the artist and of the human being in general in the perpetual analysis of concrete answers for a possibility of salvation;
  • In November 2021 with the Solo “IT’S IN OUR HANDS” she is Guest Choreographer of the ITSLIQUID2021 Platform in Venice (MISERICORDIAS ARCHIVES);
  • In 2021 she created “LES MIS DANCE AND MUSICAL ON STAGE”, a fusion of musicals, Dance Theatre and Contemporary Dance, within the AGENDA 2030 with UNESCO CLUB;
  • In 2021, at the height of the pandemic, she produced the short film “LES MIS DANZA & MUSICAL”, an innovative project funded by the Municipality of Latina born from the fusion between contemporary dance, music and visual arts, with which he wins the “special mention in the Dance section” at the INTERNATIONAL PARMA FILM FESTIVAL 2021;
  • Since 2012 she has been Guest Choreographer with the Pre-Show of the “INTERNATIONAL CIRCUS FESTIVAL OF ITALY”, Latina.
  • In 2019 she was guest of honour in the show “YOUTH DIABETES GOES TO THEATRE” for the “Edoardo è con noi” Association, at the ORIONE Theatre in Rome;
  • In 2017 she created a Dance Theatre Lab-Work “LA STRADA DENTRO”, a project for his best students from L’ANFITEATRO, in collaboration with VALERIA VALLONE DANCE COMPANY;
  • In 2016 she writes, creates and directs “IT ON CANCER”, a Short Film and a Dance Theatre Show of the same name on tour in Italy in 2017 with VALERIA VALLONE DANCE COMPANY, to raise funds for cancer research, in collaboration with LILT and with the patronage of the UNESCO CLUB and the MUNICIPALITY of LATINA and with the approval of ZACK HAMSLEY for the use of his music
  • In 2015 Valeria, with the idea of ​​experimenting the concept of the social importance of art even in adulthood, creates an eclectic group of artists over 40 “I GRISINI”, with whom she interprets a new way of interpreting the Musical, and over the years has created for them musicals such as: GREASE RELOADED, CATS THE RETURN, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER RELOADED, MAMMA MIA, CHICAGO THE GREATEST SHOW.
  • In 2014 she wrote, choreographed and directed the musical “THE QUEEN”, with which she was a guest with her company ROMAINDANZA2014-INTERNATIONAL DANCE EXPO at the Palaterme in Fiuggi, with Etoile Carla FRACCI as godmother;
  • In 2014 she wrote and choreographed “E BALLA BALLA” show of Contemporary Dance and Dance Theatre on Sardinian beliefs and rituals, with original music by Ilaria Porceddu;
  • In 2013 she choreographed the unreleased musical “BRAVA”, written and directed with Luca Velletri;
  • In 2012 she wrote, choreographed and directed the neoclassical and contemporary dance show “MOMO”, inspired by the book by Michael Ende, staged at the Teatro D’Annunzio in Latina;
  • In 2012 she choreographed and directed the musical “SIMBA, THE NEW KING” on stage with her new “COMPANY L’ANFITEATRO”, guest company at ROMAINDANZA2012-INTERNATIONAL DANCE EXPO at the National Dance Academy in Rome, with godmother l’Etoile Carla FRACCI;
  • Between 2008 and 2009 she choreographed the ballets of the shows “IL FLAUTO MAGICO” and “IL PICCOLO PRINCIPE”, Special Projects “READ TO DANCE”, in collaboration with FNASD and ATERBALLETO directed by Arturo CANNISTRA’;
  • In 2009 she made her debut as a director in the contemporary dance show “IL GRANDE VIAGGIO”, curated entirely by her, from the choreography to the costumes and lights, at the Teatro D’Annunzio in Latina.



– On 5 July 2015 with her choreography “UN SENSO” she wins with her students the 1st place at the INTERNATIONAL DANCE COMPETITION “CITTÀ DI RIETI”, Contemporary Dance;

– In January 2013 with the choreographies “MATRIOSKA” and “FOR YOU” she and her students won the contemporary dance competition at ROMAINDANZA2013, at the National Academy of Dance in Rome;

– In 2012 she received the recognition from the WORLD BALLET CORPORATION as the best musical in Italy with “SIMBA, IL NUOVO RE”;

– In January 2012 he received the “VITASNELLA best choreography” award at the ROMAINDANZA 2012 event at the National Dance Academy in Rome with the choreography “Lalalalalalalalalalalala”


Along with her career as a dancer, her passion for teaching grows, and she holds professional and academic training courses:

– Since 1998 Resident Teacher of Classical, Neoclassical, Modern and Contemporary Dance, first in “L’ANFITEATRO”, then in the ” L’ANFITEATRO ACADEMY”, schools of Dance, Singing, Music and Acting in Latina, which is host to numerous international artistic residences (such as NOHA DANCE COMPANY, NIPAI);

Some of her students are admitted to the ROYAL BALLET SCHOOL in London (summer courses); at the TRINITY LABAN CONSERVATOIRE OF MUSIC AND DANCE in London; at the TEATRO DELL’OPERA DI ROMA and at the  ACCADEMIA NAZIONALE DI ROMA (ordinary courses);

– Since 2009 FID (Italian Dance Federation, with legal recognition by the Italian State and UNESCO) Examiner Teacher of Contemporary Dance and Theatre Dance;

– In 2019 Guest Teacher of PHYSICAL DANCE for dancers and actors with the Ostrenko brothers, at NIPAI in Berlin (Germany);

– In January 2019 Work Shop of TEATRO DANZA (Guest Teacher) at CENTRO ETOILE in Naples;

– In September 2016 Guest Teacher of CLASSICAL DANCE at DAW (Dancers At Work) by Eugenio Buratti in Florence.


2008-1995 Soloist and Prima Ballerina at the age of 17 of the dance company GRUPPOMAGNETIKA by Sonia Nifosi (which would later become THEATRE DANCE COMPANY and later SONIA NIFOSI MOTION DANCE GROUP), in over 20 original dance productions represented in Italy and at abroad, including:

– 2007 remake of “VANNO E VENGONO DALLA COLLINA” at the Teatro Dell’Angelo in Rome;

– 2006-2005 “INTERMITTENZE DEL CUORE” contemporary dance show with live music: Anyla KRAYLA (first violin), Fabiana BIASINI (piano);

– 2004 “PEGASO D’ORO AWARD” at the Teatro Olimpico in Rome with “Prologue”;

– 2003 remake of “VOLO TRA PENSIERI E LUCE” neoclassical and contemporary dance show invited to Cyprus at the INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY DANCE FESTIVAL, replicated in Italy;

– 2002 “LA SOLITA SEDIA” presented at the BELLINI DANCE FESTIVAL in Naples;

– 2002 “CAPPELLO,CAPPOTTO E OMBRELLO” with music by Maestro C. Tallino and texts by L. Iosca;

– 2001 “VOLO TRA PENSIERI E LUCE” neoclassical and contemporary dance show with music by M. Bagella, Debut at the Teatro Comunale di Fiuggi, reruns in Rome;

– 2000 “SHOW MUST GO ON” dance show to the music of Queen, ESTATE ROMANA 2000;

– 2000 “NAKED ORCHESTRA” show on the music of the New Trools (Rome);

– 2000 “SMOOTH” dance show, music by Santana (Rome);

– 1999 “GVANNO E VENGONO DALLA COLLINA” dance and theatre with music by F. De Andrè freely adapted to the anthology of SPOON RIVER E. A. MASTERS;

– 1998 “IROLOC” contemporary dance show on the music of Pink Floyd, ESTATE ROMANA’98 and reruns in Rome and Bari;

– 1997 “MASK GOODBYE” classical and contemporary dance show, Teatro Manzoni in Rome;


– 1997 “QUEM QUAERITIS” dance theatre show on the life of Christ, EASTER FESTIVAL at the Teatro Brancaccio (TEATRO DELL’OPERA DI ROMA);

– 1996 “FRAMMENTI” the new age of Contemporary Dance;

– 1996 “AMORE VIOLATO” show of theatre and contemporary dance for TELEFONO AZZURRO, directed by Marzio Margine, Teatro Carcano in Milan, in which she made her debut as Prima Ballerina;

– 1995 “ECLIPSE”.


× 2018-2019-2022 refresher courses in Classical Dance for Teachers at THE ROYAL BALLET SCHOOL, London

× 2018 Advanced Course In Choreography with Pau Aran Gimeno, Damiano Ottavo Bigi, Franko Schmidt, Lutz Forster, George Puerta Armenta, Jo Ann Endicott at PINA BAUSCH’s TANZTHEATER WUPPERTAL;

× 2017 Choreographic workshops with Lydia Bastinade, Meng-ke Wu, Spencer Dickhaus, Marne Vam Opstal, at the NDT (NEDERLANDS DANS THEATER), Netherlands;

  • 2017 “Movement: Directing and Teaching Lab” with Sergey Ostrenko, IUGTE (INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY for “GLOBAL THEATER EXPERIENCE”), Libnitz (Austria);

× 2015 Contemporary Dance Workshop and Choreographic Workshop with Mats Ek, Susanne Linke, Ana Laguna and Dominique Mercy, at TEATRO TORLONIA in Rome;

× 2008 refresher course for Martha Graham Technique teachers, held by T. Dakine at DAMS (Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment) in Bologna;

× 2008 DEGREE in LITERATURE – ART AND SCIENCE OF ENTERTAINMENT at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome (thesis on the history of dance, entitled “Dance and yoga”, a monographic work on the choreographer Sonia Nifosi and the GRUPPOMAGNETIKA connected with her artistic and spiritual thoughts);

× 2008-1995 Professional refresher courses and classical, modern and contemporary dance workshops with: Luc Bouy, Corinne Lanselle, Emanuela Tagliava, Desmond Richardson, Bruno Collinet, Mats Ek, Ana Laguna, Susanne Linke, K. Damianov, D Frank, Daniel Meja, R. Strajner, V. Valcu, R. Chuca, E. Terabust;

× 2007 refresher course for classical and contemporary dance teachers at TEATRO ALLA SCALA in Milan;

× 2005 refresher course for teachers on French Technique held by Elizabeth Platel, director of the OPÉRA School of Dance in Paris and by F. Zumbo, at DAMS in Bologna;

× 1997-1995 Professional dancer diploma at the PROFESSIONAL DANCE CENTER of Sonia Nifosi, FID technical director and international choreographer;

× 1994-1992 student DANCE SCHOOL OF THE OPERA IN ROME, directed at the time by Elizabeth Terabust (participates in numerous shows of the SCHOOL and COMPANY OF THE OPERA IN ROME, including “Don Quixote” directed by Zarko Prebil, “Naples” on stage at the Brancaccio Theater in Rome and at Caracalla).